ACMA delivers first ‘directions to comply’ with 2012 TCP Code CIS rules

2012 TCP CodeTwo Victorian telcos have drawn fire from ACMA for failing to publish Critical Information Summaries as required by the 2012 TCP Code.  The Authority today announced it had issued a formal ‘direction to comply’ to each of them.

A ‘direction’ is ACMA’s way of cocking its enforcement gun.  It isn’t a penalty in itself but a breach of the direction allows ACMA to apply to the Federal Court for a penalty to be imposed … up to $250,000 for each contravention.  But interestingly, although the directions were both dated 23 May 2013, and required compliance by 21 June 2013, we still can’t find CIS statements on either site.

The two telcos

The telcos concerned are Touch Mobile and Jadi 1 Pty Ltd (which trades as Natcom IT&T, according to TIO records).

In Natcom’s case, it may be that the only products they offered that required a CIS were its call plans, and these have disappeared from its website.  That might explain why the company hasn’t published any CIS.

2012 TCP CodeBut Touch Mobile does look like it’s still offering plans that fall under the CIS rules, and if there’s a CIS on offer, we can’t find it at the date of this post.  It’s hard to see how ACMA can ignore that.

Learn about Critical Information Summaries

For more information about the 2012 TCP Code’s CIS rules, take a look here.

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