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Protected: Acceptable Use Policies – an ‘unlimited’ new battle front?

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Exactly what is “Communications Compliance Limited”?

Communications Compliance Limited is a newly created regulatory body, responsible for systematically monitoring that telcos are complying with the 2012 Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. asks, and answers, 13 questions about the new authority that will figure prominently in the … Continue reading

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Memo to telcos: TCP Code applies to small business customers

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code probably isn’t a very good name for the new law.  It makes it sound like it only applies to B2C telco contracts.  In fact, almost the whole of the TCP Code applies to many B2B … Continue reading

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Promoting TCP Code Awareness: Are you doing your duty?

Clause 9.2 of the TCP Code requires telcos to ‘promote the Code to its Customers to ensure its Customers and the broader community are aware of the consumer safeguards, obligations and benefits included in the Code’.  No specific ‘awareness’ measures … Continue reading

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A One Minute Overview of the TCP Code

We’ve been asked why the Compliance Shop has only seven TCP Code chapters and corresponding checklists to download.  Correctly, a telco pointed out that there are nine chapters in the Code. The answer is that Chapter 1 contains only introductory … Continue reading

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TCPCode Member Only content

Until 1 April 2013, all Member Only content on will be free … but you need to complete registration to access it.  Click the icon at right to register.

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Don’t forget the Code dictionary!

The TCP Code isn’t just a guideline.  It’s a legal document, and like many legal documents it includes its own dictionary of defined terms.  To properly understand what the Code is saying, it’s essential to use the Code dictionary. How … Continue reading

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Typo solves Code mystery

Clause 5.2.6 of the TCP Code is about billing information a telco must give customers on request.  But many readers can’t actually make sense of the wording. Neither could we, until we figured out where the typo is.

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Why telco regulation breeds like rabbits

ACMA has launched a new anti bill shock education campaign, timed to coincide with the popular adoption of superfast mobile broadband aka 4G, aka LTE and, for practical purposes aka iPhone 5. Themed around educating users to take control of … Continue reading

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Who’s your TCP Code champion?

For a telco to succeed in TCP Code compliance, it’s essential that somebody in the organisation takes on the role of Code champion.  As important as the Code is, almost everyone in a busy telco has ‘better things to do’. … Continue reading

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