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Exactly what is “Communications Compliance Limited”?

Communications Compliance Limited is a newly created regulatory body, responsible for systematically monitoring that telcos are complying with the 2012 Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. asks, and answers, 13 questions about the new authority that will figure prominently in the … Continue reading

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TCP Code demands particular info on telco websites

The TCP Code is studded with requirements that particular telco information must be published on websites and/or otherwise readily available to the public.  In fact, when a telco lodges its ‘Compliance Attestation’ early in 2013, it will have to provide … Continue reading

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TCPCode Compliance Shop’s Compliance Shop is open for business.  We aim to cut your costs of Code compliance with unique, specialised tools like our industry-leading Compliance Checklists, document templates and plain English Guides that don’t need a law degree to follow.

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Cooper Mills releases Chapter 9 Checklist

Chapter 9 of the TCP Code is all new.  It creates the Code compliance and monitoring framework that is intended to give the 2012 Code the teeth that the 2007 edition lacked.  It’s also the Chapter that mandates a Compliance … Continue reading

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