Cooper Mills releases Chapter 6 Compliance Checklist

We won’t mince words here:  We’ve seen some other TCP Code checklists already and they are clear as mud but less useful.  That’s why we’re developing really effective checklists, starting with Chapter 6 of the TCP Code: Credit and Debt Management.

What’s so great about a Cooper Mills compliance checklist?  Take a look at a sample page.

First, it presents each individual requirement clearly and separately.  One requirement, one tick box.

Second, it doesn’t just copy & paste the words of the Code. The Code is long, convoluted and hard to read.  So we use our plain English skills to word it in a really clear way.

Third, we put the items in a logical order.  The Code often deals with topics in a confusing order.  So ours is designed to make easy sense.

Fourth, we minimise cross-references.  The Code often requires you to keep several cross-references in mind to make sense of it.  Wherever possible, each tickbox item in our checklists is self-contained.

Fifth, we supply valuable background and explanatory notes with the checklist.

Sixth, where possible we attach to the checklist any external documents that the Code refers to.

The value proposition

By clearly and simply identifying the points you need to tick off, this checklist will save you days and days of effort.  We know, because it took us days to put it together, and we’re already very familiar with the Code.  So it’s not a free giveaway.

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