Cooper Mills releases Financial Hardship Template & Guide

ACMA Financial Hardship FocusACMA has warned of an “early focus on compliance with the financial hardship provisions of the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code.” Cooper Mills has responded with a template for an updated Financial Hardship Policy, with Guidance Notes.

There's more to financial hardship compliance than a FH Policy

Let's be clear from the start: A compliant Financial Hardship Policy is what professors of logic call a 'necessary but not sufficient' condition. To comply with the Code, you must have a compliant FHP but having a compliant FHP doesn't mean that you automatically comply with the Code. It takes something extra.

We've explained more about the 'something extra' in the Guidance Notes that accompany our Financial Hardship Policy template. The Guide also explains that any template must be used with care and responsibility. It's a great start, but should always be 'custom fit' to your business.

Download the Guidance Notes for free


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Financial Hardship Policy Template and Notes
Financial Hardship Policy Template and Notes
The TCP Code specifies new requirements for telco Financial Hardship Policies, including a dedicated Summary document. Here's a template for a Policy and Summary, with detailed explanatory notes. (GST will be added at the checkout.)


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