Cooper Mills releases guides to the Mobile Roaming Industry Standard

Mobile RoamingAs has been widely reported, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has registered a new Industry Standard aimed at reducing bill shock from international mobile roaming charges.  Cooper Mills today released two guides to help resellers of mobile services gear up for the new requirements that launch on 27 September 2013.

The Telecommunications (International Mobile Roaming) Industry Standard 2013 isn’t part of the TCP Code but as its Explanatory Statement explains:

The Standard complements the TCP Code, by implementing a number of consumer awareness measures in addition to those required by the TCP Code.

Resellers, or MVNOs as the Industry Standard calls them, need to understand the very precise requirements the new law demands of them.  And telcos that telemarket must be especially alert.

The Mobile Roaming Standard Guides

One guide is a detailed 14 page explanation of what the Industry Standard says and what it all means.  The other is a 2 page summary of the highlights.

Both guides are specifically aimed at mobile resellers that contract directly with end customers, and what they need to have in place from September 2013.  There’s more for them to do between then and May 2016 but we’ll deal with that after the immediate requirements of the Standard are under control.

Get up to speed with exactly what the Industry Standard demands, fast.

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