Roaming Industry Standard requires new ‘Roaming Info Pack’

RoamingFrom 27 September 2013, the Telecommunications (International Mobile Roaming) Industry Standard 2013 requires mobile resellers to either (A) SMS international pricing and opt-out information to customers who go offshore or (B) give customers an info pack about international roaming.  Since Option A is not currently technically feasible, telcos will have to issue the info packs for the time being.

So you need to understand what goes into the pack, and when it must be provided.  In this article, we’ll explain what the pack needs to contain.

The contents of the Roaming Info Pack

We should say that the Standard doesn’t call it a ‘Roaming Info Pack’.  That’s how we describe it.  But the Standard does say that it must contain, in writing:

  1. A copy of ACMA’s Fact Sheet on on alternatives to international roaming services.  (This will be available at
  2. Advice that using a comms product outside Australia may incur significantly higher charges than in Australia.
  3. Maximum charge information for each of the top ten destination countries reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in its publication 3401.0 – Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia or equivalent publication most recently published by the ABS.
  4. Advice that customer can ask you for maximum charge info for any other country.
  5. Details of international roaming spend management tools available to customer.
  6. How customer can opt out of roaming while overseas, including opt out telephone number and/or web address.
  7. Any charge for unlocking any hardware used with the roaming service.

No charge for Roaming Info Pack

You can’t charge for providing this information.

You can provide the Roaming Info Pack in soft copy eg by email

This is because the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 says that a requirement under a Commonwealth law to give information in writing may be met in electronic form.

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