Time to get your feet wet

If you haven’t taken a quick run through the new Code, now’s the time.  There’s a lot to read and understand but the best starting point is to get a high level view of what it covers.

Start with the Table of Contents on pages 4 to 6.  It gives a simple overview of the topics covered by the Code.

Then take a look at clause 1.4.  It explains the two key building blocks of the Code’s requirements:  ‘outcomes’ and ‘actions’.  Clause 1.4 explains that you need to satisfy both kinds of requirement.

Don’t worry about the definitions section for now.  Jump to the main Chapters 3 to 9 inclusive.  Skim through the detailed rules and get a bird’s eye view.

There’s actually a lot that won’t be apparent from this speed reading exercise but we invariably find that telcos make more sense of other information about the Code after they have a snapshot of it in their head.

Even better, make use of Cooper Mills’ experience with the document.  We offer a one to two hour Orientation Session that can be conducted by Facetime, Skype or phone if necessary … but face-to-face is always best if possible.

We pack the session with info that would take days to work out otherwise.  It will let your management team work out the gap between your current business operations and the Code’s requirements … and how to bridge it.


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