TIO gets in step with TCP Code from Monday

From Monday, 1 October 2012, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman will modify its processes to harmonise with the TCP Code.  It’s all part of a united front by ACMA, ACCC, Communications Alliance, Communications Compliance, ACCAN and TIO to support the TCP Code and its goals.

ACMA’s single greatest motivator in standing up for a tougher TCP Code was TIO complaints.  So TIO has revised the system of ‘keywords’ it uses to classify complaints.  In theory, this should provide clearer evidence as to whether the Code is hitting its targets, and where any failures lie.

The keywords system

We’ll let TIO tell its own story:







Now, says TIO:

You may see new keywords and code clauses in the TIO’s data reports and in correspondence from TIO staff. The new keywords have been developed in consultation with the ACMA, the ACCC, Communications Alliance and ACCAN.

And it’s part of a bigger picture:

The TIO is implementing a number of changes to its systems and processes to make them consistent with the new requirements. We will implement the new TCP Code requirements with effect from 1 October 2012.

It’s just a month since the TCP Code (2007 version) barely rated on anyone’s radar.  Now, the new version is increasingly ‘front and centre’.

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