Cooper Mills releases Chapter 8 Compliance Checklist

What’s the link between this Ferrari and Chapter 8 of the TCP Code?

Cooper Mills has released our detailed Compliance Checklist for Chapter 8 of the 2012 TCP Code:  Complaint Handling

Understanding of the high level principles of the 2012 TCP Code, and commitment to them, are essential.  But that’s not enough.  Want to guess how many individual, detailed  checklist items are contained within Chapter 8 of the Code?

Well, the answer is …

It’s a 348 model, just like the Complaint Handling rules!

348 individual requirements!

There’s room to debate the exact number.  It depends in part on how you break up Code provisions that bundle a whole series of separate requirements.  And in some cases, the Code implies requirements rather than states them expressly.

But when we broke the Chapter down into a step by step format, and counted the question marks in the document, it comes to 348.  For real.

That’s why we’re working in these checklists

The Code is largely a tangled ball of string.  Read it and you may think you know what it requires.  But on expert analysis, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.  Check out a sample page.

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