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Comms Alliance submits revised TCP Code

Communications Alliance yesterday submitted a revised version of the 2012 TCP Code, seeking approval from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Naturally, will give service providers the best available support in understanding and implementing any changes that ACMA approves.

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TCP Code: Parliament likely to open the door to amendment

Last Thursday, the Senate’s Environment and Communications Legislation Committee gave a green light to the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Bill 2013 (TLACP Bill) that was introduced into Parliament back in March. The TLACP Bill would tweak the Do Not … Continue reading

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Cracking the TCP Code Podcast & Resource Book – free!

To really understand the TCP Code, and especially ACMA’s attitude to it, you need to appreciate its statutory basis and the processes that resulted in the Code.  So has released Cracking the TCP Code, a podcast that explains it … Continue reading

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No, the TCP Code 2012 isn’t ‘finished’

A telco executive remarked to us this week that she was ‘glad that the TCP Code is finished.’  We know what she meant:  the race to the line to get a 2013 Attestation Statement was over.  But the Code goes … Continue reading

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Why the TCP Code went too far

Telcoinabox CEO Damian Kay last week denounced the TCP Code as treating the public like idiots and imposing an unnecessary compliance burden on smaller resellers. He’s wrong on the first count (the code does vital work in protecting consumers against … Continue reading

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ACMA explains why Communications Compliance matters

The Australian Communications and Media Authority describes new Code monitor Communications Compliance as the industry’s way to ‘demonstrate its compliance with the TCP Code’ and warns that ‘ACMA will use its investigation and enforcement powers if participants do not comply … Continue reading

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TCP Code clause 4.1.3(f) Compliance Guide released

Telcos are now starting to realise how much detail there is in the TCP Code.  For instance, clause 4.1.3(f) requires telcos to publish website information about the warranties that apply to any hardware they supply, like handsets and modems. That … Continue reading

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Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code FAQ

Suddenly people have lots of questions about the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code and how it works.  So we’ve added an FAQ section to the site.  Initially we’ll be focusing on the Critical Information Summary rules. The FAQ will grow organically … Continue reading

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Small telcos can sidestep usage notification rules

For small telcos, one of the TCP Code’s greatest challenges is the ‘usage notification’ rules for included value plans and post-paid broadband services with included data allowances.  In fact, the Code developers were so aware that the rules would be … Continue reading

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Critical Information Summary Case Study: Australian Phone & Internet

The new Critical Information Summary can be trickier to get right than you imagine.  Randomly, we picked a CIS from Australian Phone & Internet as a case study.  There’s a lot to like, but overall the CIS isn’t compliant with … Continue reading

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