Complaints Analysis: Telcos should now have two QCAs completed

TCP Code Complaints AnalysisThe TCP Code requires:

Suppliers must classify and analyse complaints at least every 3 months to identify recurring problems and issues including areas of non‐compliance with this Code.

Last Friday marked six months since the TCP Code commenced, so …

Telcos should be finished their second QCA

Every telco should by now have completed their second Quarterly Complaints Analysis.  (That, and QCA, are our terms, not the Code’s — but they explain the idea.)

And how do you conduct a Complaints Analysis?

We explained what it’s about in a post last year.  It’s still good advice.

Some new comments

We’ll add that recent ACMA audits have made it clear that ACMA doesn’t think a complaint handling system is adequate if it doesn’t enable comprehensive reporting and analysis.  If all a telco holds is typed and dated notes in a text file, or attached to a billing system, there’s no easy way to analyse the data and see what’s on the radar … which is largely what the TCP Code requirement is about.

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