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Unit Pricing RulesEight weeks after the TCP Code 1 September launch date … that’s 27 October if you pace it out on a calendar … new ‘unit pricing’ rules come into force for ‘Text Advertising’ of many post-paid mobile and internet plans.

We explained the rules generally in an earlier article.  In one sense, they aren’t too complex.  A service provider must include in written ads a clear statement of the cost of a 2 minute call, an SMS and a MB of data.

But as usual there are important details that need to be understood … including when you do, and don’t, have to think about the rules at all.  So Cooper Mills has prepared a Guide to complying with the TCP Code’s Unit Pricing Rules.

Edition 1 of the Guide explains what plans the rules apply to, and what kinds of advertising.  It tells you what pricing information you need to include in advertising, and how it needs to be presented.  And it explains some special situations that fit a little bit outside the general rules.

We also provide expert follow up commentary on TCPCode.com.au, as the complexities of applying the Unit Pricing Rules become more evident.

Get your copy of the TCP Code Unit Pricing Rules Compliance Guide.

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