Still not registered with CommCom? Time to get on board

TCP CodeAs it considers what to do with telcos that failed to lodge their 2013 TCP Code compliance documents, ACMA is very keen to be assured that providers have registered with Communications Compliance, the Code monitor that’s nicknamed CommCom.

Its approach makes sense from a couple of perspectives.  If a telco hasn’t lodged documents and still hasn’t registered, it might be easy to conclude that it really isn’t serious about TCP Code compliance.  And once a company is registered, it will be kept in the loop by CommCom as 2014’s lodgement deadline approaches.

Here’s how to get registered.

First, you need a Registration Code

Last February, CommCom wrote to all TIO members, introducing itself and issuing a Registration Code.  If you didn’t receive one, or have lost it, contact CommCom for a replacement.

Second, go to CommCom’s registration page, making sure you have your ABN or ACN handy.

TCP Code

Click this graphic to go to CommCom’s registration page

There’s no charge to register.

Make sure that the email address you specify is suitable for an important contact like this.  You don’t want email from the Code monitor being overlooked because someone leaves the company or goes on leave.

We like the idea of setting up a dedicated address like, and aliasing that to at least a couple of appropriate staff members.

We suppose that some telcos will live by the rule that you never put your hand up to a regulator (or anything that looks like one).  But the 2012 TCP Code applies whether or not you’re registered, so we can’t see any good reason not to join up.

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