TCP Code demands particular info on telco websites

TCP Code Publicly Available InformationThe TCP Code is studded with requirements that particular telco information must be published on websites and/or otherwise readily available to the public.  In fact, when a telco lodges its ‘Compliance Attestation’ early in 2013, it will have to provide details about where each item of ‘publicly available information’ can be found.

The TCP Code doesn’t include a consolidated list of what’s required to be openly available, so has done that for you.

Here are some key facts about the information that’s required to be available.

The ‘publicly available information’ rules in a nutshell

  • There are about 70 pieces of information that must be on your website and/or otherwise publicly available.
  • The actual number is uncertain because of vagueness in the wording of the TCP Code at a few points.
  • They range across product information, plan selection assistance, support details, billing options. complaints process, financial hardship assistance, contact details, disability support and more.
  • Most of them must be on your website.  It probably makes sense that all of them are.
  • The document you’ll need to lodge is called a Customer Information Compliance Statement (CICS).
  • A CICS is defined as:

Supplier’s annual statement which specifies where Customers can
access the Supplier’s information which is required to be made
publically available under this Code

  • You’ll need to lodge a CICS every year.
  • Except for Critical Information Summaries all the compulsory info should already be available to your customers / the public. (CIS’s are mandatory from 1 March 2013.)
  • Some items of info specifically need to be downloadable, not just viewable.
  • The Cooper Mills TCP Code Checklist – Publicly Available Information is the best compliance resource yet available for these requirements.

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